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The Coworking Kitchen is the key feature of the community, but it is hard to maintain.

In the Coworking Kitchen...


Hygiene Challenge

i.e.) Cut board with raw meat left


Cleaning Challenge

i.e.) Used cups left not washed

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 16.47.12.png


Equipment Challenge

i.e.) Seasonings are old or empty

Challenges for Owners

Coworking kitchens play a key role in creating a global community.

However, it has been a difficult business model until recently.


Family Owners

A kitchen in a guest house or hostel is a primitive form of coworking kitchen.

Even if the owner is a good cook so he/she can maintain the kitchen, it is difficult for the family owners to expand the business multi-nationally.


Enterprize Operators

Companies have been focusing on luxury hotels or large coworking offices. A coworking kitchen needs unique design and operation knowledge and difficult for those companies to operate profitably.

Our Solution

We enable managers and experts to organize and improve the quality of services from remote locations.

We encourage the self-style services to the guest without lowering the satisfaction.

Therefore, we achieve both customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.


Self-style Accommondations with Coworking Kitchens

How it works

The way we work has changed significantly, thanks to the advent of the Internet and IT technology, especially the emergence of smartphones. We can now work from anywhere at any time.

1 / Flexible in Time & Location



By utilizing self-check-in, staff members are freed from time and location constraints, eliminating the need to be constantly stationed at the front desk.


24/7 Support

By leveraging a network of experts scattered around the world and utilizing IT and time differences, it is possible to create a state where support is available 24/7 at any time.

2 / Remote Kitchen Management



Experts can monitor the condition of the kitchen remotely, ensuring that the kitchen remains in a good state at all times.


Equipment Management

Among the aspects of kitchen management, one of the most challenging is the management of seasonings. It requires various judgments, such as replenishing when supplies are low or disposing of items that have become old or dirty.

3 / Expertise Online Assistance


Online Assistance for the Guest and Staff

Managers and kitchen experts identify guests in need of assistance and provide online support, including text messages and voice calls.


Additionally, when there are issues with on-site staff's handling that require improvement, managers can provide guidance remotely from distant locations.

Our Values

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Community from Kitchen

Our company offers a versatile shared kitchen facility that caters to both small gatherings and large groups, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience for everyone.

We understand the challenges of maintaining such a space, given its use by individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, styles, and religions.


Share Culture

We embrace the beauty of sharing culture, where diverse individuals from around the world come together to exchange culinary traditions and experiences.

It's a space where culinary creativity knows no boundaries, and each dish prepared becomes a delightful piece of cultural fusion.


Global Community

Tourists staying in guest houses often seek to immerse themselves in a vibrant social lifestyle, eagerly connecting with fellow travelers to build a global community. These communal experiences enrich their journeys, fostering friendships and creating lasting memories as they explore the world together.


Why Algoritmi?

IT Solution for the Kitchen Maintenance

From in-person or video call assistance for cooking, ensuring that your culinary journey is never alone, to utilizing image recognition for hygiene and stock monitoring, guaranteeing a safe and well-stocked kitchen. Additionally, our automation systems seamlessly handle orders and refills of consumable equipment, providing an effortless kitchen management experience.


Algoritmi Facts


Guests every month


Locations and more in the future


Countries guests' origin


Communities made


Our Locations

With over four years of experience successfully operating Coworking Kitchens in various styles and locations, our company is well-equipped to provide you with a truly exceptional culinary and collaborative experience.


Guest House Murasaki







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Tabi-suru Kitchen



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